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Saturday, 2. November 2002
Welcome to my Blog!

This website supports my Multigenre Research Project about deaf literacy. Feel free to read through my work! You can start by clicking here.

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Preface This Multigenre Research Project
is a major part of a computer and information literacy...
by Absheils (12/8/02 9:14 PM)
Genre 7 Referral Letter Marshall
Speech Center Donna B. Kuhn, M.A., CCC-SLP Huntington, WV 25705...
by Absheils (12/8/02 7:37 PM)
Reference List Holcomb, K. (2001).
Reading strategies for deaf children. Retrieved on September 24, 2002...
by Absheils (12/8/02 7:35 PM)
Genre 4 (Part 2) To: From: Dear Henry, My advice to you would...
by Absheils (12/8/02 7:32 PM)
Genre 2- Journal Entries (These
journal entries are in the voice of a client who...
by Absheils (12/8/02 7:14 PM)
A little about me...
Fun Places MTV I love music and go to a...
by Absheils (12/8/02 7:06 PM)
Reflection Content I believe
this Multigenre Research Project was assigned to us was to give...
by Absheils (12/8/02 5:33 AM)
Genre 4 (part 3) To: Beth, Just to let you know, we did...
by Absheils (12/7/02 6:16 PM)
Multigenre Research Project Table of
Contents Preface About the Author Acknowledgements Genre 1-Email Exchange Part...
by Absheils (12/4/02 9:01 PM)
Genre 5 Powerpoint If you
click on you can view my Powerpoint presentation.
by Absheils (12/4/02 5:09 PM)
Genre 1- Poem So this
is what a poem is? They tell me it’s supposed...
by Absheils (12/4/02 4:10 PM)
Welcome to my Blog! This
website supports my Multigenre Research Project about deaf literacy. Feel...
by Absheils (12/4/02 4:04 PM)
Genre 4 (Part 4) To: From: Henry, I'm sorry to hear Joey's diagnosis,...
by Absheils (12/4/02 3:57 PM)
Week 13 Online Journal So
this week, the assignments were to tie the threads, to...
by Absheils (11/25/02 5:03 AM)
Genre 4 (part 1) To: From: Beth, My name is Henry Potter and...
by Absheils (11/23/02 1:51 AM)
Acknowledgements Big thanks to Mrs.
McComas for answering the endless emails and questions that have...
by Absheils (11/23/02 1:48 AM)
About the Author Hello! My
name is Allison Sheils. I'm 21 years old and am...
by Absheils (11/23/02 1:42 AM)
Week 12 Online Journal The
semester's almost over! The semester's almost over! Sorry....couldn't contain the...
by Absheils (11/18/02 4:31 AM)
Week 11 Online Journal This
week, I set out to finish my last genre. I...
by Absheils (11/11/02 4:38 AM)
Project Prospectus Research Question:
"How do deaf children become literate after only communicating manually?" Foundation...
by Absheils (11/11/02 1:52 AM)

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